A good song to sing

Posted: October 17, 2011 in daily life activity

Every person’s got a favourite song, cause a certain song’s make we felt understood by someone. Don’t we all want that? to be understood….some people might say that kind of ideology is shallow,then i taught to my self “so what if that shallow? our life is already filled with complicated things, i just want to listen to a good song and sing along” FYI, when i was single, i liked to sing at night falls just like a wolf howling at the moon….AWOOOOOO…anyway this full moon’s making me remembered my wolf-like day’s song. i want to share some song that i song in the night that time, cheers mate!


Nothing, and i said NOTHING beat this song to sing at night. the atmosphere is perfect, this song’s is about letting someone go, weird huh? the name’s OVERJOYED but the song’s lyric is about letting someone go.


This song’s a good song to sing when you don’t know about how she feels, ahhhh the memories of a wolf, AWoooooo!!! lol


this song is what i singed when i remember my GF’s smile 🙂

hope you guys enjoyed it too, best of luck dude and doodads!! 😛





Posted: October 10, 2011 in daily life activity

Yesterday was my pop B’day, Pop’s got a lot of free eat restaurant voucher and 3 cakes from the bank. Yesterday we’re eating at grand cafe at grand hyatt hotel, it was my first time eating fresh french oyster just like in Mr beans movie. The taste is kinda foul, but ain’t that bad.The salmon at the cafe is superb,the sashimi is godlike :P, and i found my long lost friend and that is……salmon wellington.I met Wellington at some rich guy’s wedding, it was the 1st time i taste him, and it was awesome. Finally, yesterday i found wellington again!! this must be destiny!! so i ate 3 full plate and the result was i wanna puke for one and a half hour. and that night i decided that i won’t eat salmon for a month, thx to my long lost friend, Welington. here some picture to make u guys hungry, am i a jerk? yes i am 🙂

the picture of my old friend 🙂

how i eat him..Mmmm yummy :3

that’s all folks lol



Posted: October 6, 2011 in daily life activity

In these past few weeks, i had learned that not everyone of your close friends are true to you. Not all of your friends can give you support when you need it. How do we know that particular person can be trusted?? The answer is hardship. When hardship storming through our life, a true friend will make it more bearable to face it but the other one? he just stand like a tree. What i saw in that person? Fear.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.  ~Ambrose Redmoon

an introduction

Posted: October 6, 2011 in daily life activity

So this is my 1st post as a blogger, in My blog im just going to share my exp and story in my daily life. Feel free to comment, dudes and doodads 😛